[RECAP] Basic Flower Arrangement Workshop

Basic Flower Arrangement Workshop 01

Kuala Lumpur, 21 July 2018 – On an early Saturday morning, 16 ladies across different ages gathered to attend a Basic Flower Arrangement Workshop. Organised by the Kristus Aman Family Life Ministry, the workshop was an opportunity for parishioners to pick up a new skill and bond with each other. The workshop was conducted by Eunice Wong with the assistance of Joanne Ng. Both serve as Altar Ladies, the ministry responsible for the beautiful altar flowers we see every weekend at Kristus Aman.

After opening with a prayer, the session began with a round of introduction, where each person was asked to share their favourite flower. The participants then proceeded with their task for that morning—to create a Round-Shaped Flower Arrangement. Each participant was handed an assortment of fresh flowers and greens which they had to first prune. Using garden scissors, the ladies delicately removed the thorns and leaves from the stems.

Basic Flower Arrangement Workshop 02

Basic Flower Arrangement Workshop 04

The participants then listened intently as Eunice taught them how to layer the different flowers and greens on a foam to form the flower arrangement. The end result was a complementary mix of colours and texture, with the ferns serving as the base, the pink roses as the primary flowers, the white chrysanthemums as the secondary flowers, and the carnation leaves and yellow peacocks as fillers.

Basic Flower Arrangement Workshop 06

They say flowers can brighten up a room, and that was very evident at the end of the 2 hours when all 16 ladies proudly presented their finished arrangements for the camera. All went home with happy smiles, eager to further cultivate their budding talent.