[RECAP] SWAGTALKS with Archbishop Julian

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What Went Down in KA on the Solemnity of Saints Peter & Paul

Kuala Lumpur, 29 June 2018 — They came, they saw, and they got asked the question: what does it mean to be Malaysian?

But that's not all. The attendees of the first ever SWAGTALKS session — Interfaith Dialogue Approaches at the Workplace presented by Archbishop Julian Leow — also ate (fragrant mee siam and kuih); mingled (with familiar and new faces); shared (joyful and frustrating experiences of interfaith dialogue); laughed (at the archbishop's anecdotes); learnt (useful ways to dialogue with people of other faiths); watched (in awe at a beautiful sign language performance); and celebrated (SWAG’s 1st birthday).

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Close to 40 people attended the session organised by the Single Working Adults Group (SWAG) of the Church of Jesus Caritas (JCC) and the Chapel of Kristus Aman (KA). These included the singles and the hitched, as well as the working, the studying, and the retired. Many of the attendees were also from other parishes including the churches of St. Ignatius, St. Francis Xavier, Assumption, Sacred Heart, and Holy Spirit (Penang). Also present were Fr. Dominic Tan and Fr. Michael Chua (who graciously stopped by later in the session).

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The evening, which started out with a humble yet flavourful dinner, was a fun and insightful one. Not only did the attendees get useful ideas on how to engage in interfaith dialogue from Archbishop Julian and each other, they also had the opportunity to make new friends. Of note was a beautiful performance using sign language to sign the lyrics of the Housefires song Build My Life, which aptly beseeches the Lord to “lead [us] into love to those around [us]” — a reminder that interfaith dialogue should come from the desire to love. The night ended with a prayer, blessing, and tiny celebration (starring delicious tiramisu cake from Cake Sense) to commemorate the 1st birthday of SWAG.

Happy 1st Anniversary SWAG!