KA PACABA Reunion 1st July 2018

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In our stand for free and fair elections, justice, social order and a corruption free Malaysia, on 1st July, at the charming Little Wonton cafe just down the street from Kristus Aman (KA), 23 KA parishioners reunited to give thanks for and celebrate Malaysia's recent success as a healthy democracy after GE14. For these 23 (and more) KA parishioners, Pakatan Harapan's victory was even more momentous, as they were working on the ground on May 9th, championing democracy as PACABAs (Polling Agent/Counting Agent/Barung Agent), described by some as the last line of defence for GE14.

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In the months before the elections, some parishioners via the KA PIHD Ministry organised a voter registration exercise for new voters, help desks for voter registration checks, and also two PACA training sessions and two separate revision sessions at KA, in conjunction with INVOKE Malaysia. These parishioners were moved to organise the training sessions after hearing that many Pakatan candidates were struggling to find enough volunteers to PACA on polling day. Over 200 parishioners and non-parishioners underwent the PACA training, and many ended up volunteering in a variety of parliamentary and state constituencies such as Sungai Buloh, Segambut, Petaling Jaya, Cameron Highlands, Kota Damansara, Paya Jaras, Bukit Lanjan, Bandar Utama and Ulu Selangor. All the parishioners who attended the training found it an eye-opening and interesting experience, giving them valuable voter knowledge, even if they did not end up volunteering on polling day itself.

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Sunday's lunch was an opportunity for KA's PACABAs to share their stories and to fellowship with one another in this Malaysia Baharu. The event started with prayers, and singing the Negaraku, Give Thanks, and Sejahtera Malaysia. Ng Yuen Heng, the INVOKE volunteer who conducted most of the trainings at KA, and Fong Peng Lim, a Senior INVOKE trainer who had earlier trained some of our PACAs and who had facilitated the training and placing of many of KA's PACAs and hundreds of PACAs in Selangor and elsewhere, also attended the lunch. Geoff Miles, the owner of Little Wonton, and who had sponsored wonton refreshments for the training sessions, also enjoyed the fellowship and occasionally rambunctious good humour of the KA PACABA group. Ultimately, it was a fun reminder of how we have all played a part in making a New Malaysia a reality - both as volunteers or as voters.

"Malaysia will call upon Me, and I will answer Malaysia; I will be with Malaysia in trouble, I will deliver Malaysia and honour Malaysia."
(adapted from Psalm 91)

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