KA Women’s Desk March Update

A Sunday afternoon well spent in prayer, worship and ministering

A few team members from the Women’s Desk of Kristus Aman responded to a request for prayer by one of the retreat participants from the Women’s Retreat who will be undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer. Three of us took a Grab to meet up with two other members at Annie Radley’s home for praise and worship and ministering prayer. We were joined by BEC members from St. Claire’s based in Kepong. They are a group of Filipino ladies actively involved in the Jesus Caritas Church Choir; a delightfully friendly and warm group, who regularly attend the Women’s Desk yearly retreats, our fellowship activities of Advent prayers, and prayers in their homes whenever invited. It is always a delight to keep up the friendship through teas and birthday celebrations.

Margaret Hipp, a cancer survivor of seven years gave her powerful testimony of healing , which was very much appreciated by all, especially the sister who was going for chemo treatment. After prayers, we were treated to a generous spread of Filipino delights, all cooked by the ladies. Joyful and animated conversation and laughter filled the air as we shared our life stories and testimonies.

w outreach 1

w outreach 2