Kristus Aman’s Homegrown Deacon

Ordination of Esmond as Deacon

What would your reaction be if your son announced that he wanted to become a priest? (Remember you are Asian and you do not have many children). Ask him to reconsider? Ask him if he was sure? Dissuade him? Not for Kristus Aman’s homegrown deacon and soon to be priest Esmond Chua.

Not for Michael and Janet Chua, the parents of Esmond. Michael was happy and felt blessed that his son was answering the call to be a religious. Janet felt honoured that her son wanted to “work with God and do God’s work”.

Dad Michael said it was not a surprise really because the indications were there since Esmond’s early teens when he erected an altar in his room and in the hall. Then one day Esmond enquired of his parents’ opinion as all along they had not said anything. Without any hesitation they gave him their blessings and supported him in his further advances into his journey of faith.

Esmond completed a 4 year course with a major in Psychology, worked for 2-3 years and then joined the Capuchin order. But it lasted only 6 months as Esmond found that this was not his exact calling. He went back to secular life and worked in Taylor’s College for 3 years. Then one morning he received a call from Fr John Paul Tan of the Franciscans in Singapore inviting him to visit for the weekend. That weekend convinced him that the Franciscans was for him. According to his mother Janet, this is his 8th year since he joined the seminary and he is now an ordained deacon. On 8 August 2014, he took the oath of Solemn Profession. In 2013, he was sent to New Zealand for a year for a course on Pastoral Counselling and mission work.

Godparents Harry and Liz Ho were delighted when they got to know of Esmond’s desire for priesthood and supported and prayed for him. They knew of the journey he had to embark on.

So, on the day of ordination 12 June 2016, Esmond was among 3 Brothers who were ordained by the Bishop of Singapore, His Grace William Goh. The message of His Grace to the 3 was one on humility and gratitude for being chosen despite one’s inadequacies and sins.