Catechesis on our New Logo

Screen Shot 2016 05 15 at 12.23.52Dear parishioners of the Chapel of Kristus Aman, we are proud to announce that henceforth, a new logo has been designed and will thus replace the old logo. The new logo is indeed rich in symbolic value and more fully expresses the identity of us, the parish of Kristus Aman.

At first glance, the new logo can be identified as two things. Firstly, the logo resembles a descending dove, a symbol of the Holy Ghost, which immediately brings to mind the scene of the Epiphany of the Most Holy Trinity when Christ our Lord was baptised at the river Jordan by St. John the Baptist. The logo can also be interpreted as the burning bush in the third chapter of the book of Exodus. The two events although distinct, have a close relationship that will normally be overlooked by most of us.

Essentially, the two events both tell us about the revelation of God to His people. The burning bush symbolizes the revelation of God the Father to Moses in Exodus 3:4-6. In this event, God reveals Himself to Moses through a bush ablaze with fire, but yet not consumed and reveals His personal name to Moses. In verses 7-12, God promises that the Israelites who were suffering in slavery will at last be liberated from the Egyptians. This event signifies a great turning point in the history of the Israelites. The liberation from Egypt is a major event for the Jews that reminds us of the great mercy of God.

The dove, on the other hand, points to the third person of the Holy Trinity, the Holy Spirit, who hovered over the deep before creation (Genesis 1:2). When Christ was baptised, the Holy Spirit descended from the heavens in the form of a dove and reveals Christ as the Son of God, who is both fully human and fully divine, the Word made flesh who co-existed with the Father from the very beginning (or more precisely, since forever since there was no “beginning”).

The two symbols are strong messages of hope as the two are the start of the onset of a new beginning, a revolutionary journey that will change history forever. The burning bush was the start of the liberation of the Israelites. The baptism of the Lord, signifies the start of Christ’s earthly ministry which is that of healing, preaching and casting out demons. Even greater is the climax of His ministry in which He gives Himself on the Cross for us to take away our sins so that we may be able to enjoy once more a perfect communion with God that was lost through the sin of Adam. The story of salvation then takes us back once more to the event of the liberation from Egypt and reminds us that just as the Israelites were freed from the hands of Pharaoh, we too have been freed from the “Egypt” of our sins through the merits of Christ. The branch carried by the dove in the logo also reminds us of the dove that returned to Noah with an olive leaf which meant that the flood waters were receding (Noah’s Ark, Genesis Chap 8). Hence the new logo is a powerful symbol of hope which speaks of the promise of God who saves us from everlasting death.

Finally, the words “Kristus Aman” points towards the second person of the Trinity, Jesus Christ. The word “Kristus” in the national language of this nation, Malay, means ‘Christ’ which means ‘Anointed One’. The word “Aman” means ‘Peace’ and once more speaks of an aspect of Christ, which is that of peace for He indeed is the Prince of Peace (Isaiah 9:6). The blue color of the logo points to the Blessed Virgin Mary, who through the merits of Christ, was preserved from sin so that she in turn would be able to bear the Christ-child. The Blessed Virgin was finally at the end of life, taken to heaven where she now continues to intercede for us, for who’s prayers are more efficacious than one who has no sin? Therefore, under her patronage, we journey together as a community on our earthly sojourn, guided by the same Holy Ghost who descended upon Christ and works through the Sacraments to bring us closer to Christ, who is our way, truth, life and is our true peace. May this logo mark a new beginning in the history of our parish in which new challenges, goals and frontiers await us that we must strive to accomplish in our ultimate mission in leading souls to obtain the crown of everlasting life.