7 Steps to Making a Good Confession

1396280742000 popefrancisPENITENTIAL SERVICES - LENT 2016

Date: 16th of March (Wednesday)

Venue: Chapel of Kristus Aman

Mass at 7.30PM followed by penitential service at 8.00PM


  1. Everyone is a sinner. The person who says he has no sin must be lying or isn't honest with himself.
  2. We need to confess to a priest. It is not enough that I confess my sins to God, we need to confess to the priest who is a representative of God and of the Church.
  3. Make a good examination of conscience before the confession. Don't wait till the confession to recall your sins.
  4. Confess your sins and not that of others. When we start blaming other people, we may really not be repentant.
  5. Just state the sin and the number of times you've committed it, if you can remember. There is no need to tell a long story.
  6. Sometimes counselling may be part of confession. But in a Penitential Service, try not to ask for counselling. Make an appointment to see a priest outside of confession.
  7. Try to memorise the Act of Contrition. If you have forgotten, here is a simple formula: O God, I am sorry for having sinned against you. Because you are so good and by your grace, I will not sin again.