KAYM Carolling 2015

Introduction before carollingFor eight nights, the Kristus Aman Youth Ministry carollers travelled from house to house to sing their joyous carols to parishioners of Kristus Aman. They had visited 34 houses throughout these eight precious nights. The carollers aim to spread the joy and love that surrounds the birth of Jesus Christ. They had also aimed to raise funds for the Zotung Refugee Catholic Community Centre.

After having practices over the course of two months, since October the KAYM carollers have been rehearsing their carols repeatedly. They threw out their voices while practicing in the chapel, the melodious sound of their harmonies filling the room. Although practices were tiring, the carollers pushed on and got through it together. They would help each other with the harmonies, and laugh together. After all, the journey is always the best part. However, there was more to come.

58926KAYM Carollers with Parish Administrator,
Rev. Fr. Michael Chua.

With 21 carols prepared, the KAYM carollers were then ready to visit the homes of parishioners. With their fitting costumes, they looked a full package. Everyone was excited, ready to showcase their carols that they had been practicing for so long.

As the first parishioners opened up their doors for the KAYM carollers, the carollers were bursting with energy. This was it, the beginning of a tiring but exhilarating week. As they started their first few carols, every single one of them smiled and sang their hearts out. Their voices echoed through the house, blending together in perfect harmony. When they had finished their last song, the applause from the residents of the house made the KAYM carollers realise that this was worth all the time and effort they had put into their practices.

Throughout the next 33 houses, they did their best. As their carols brought the parishioners joy and excitement for Christmas, it also touched the carollers' hearts with the same joy and excitement. The smiles they received fuelled them with energy to perform their carols, to spread the glorious news that Christ is coming, and for a good cause.

16079KAYM Carollers have fun and relax after singing at the last house of the night.Once those eight nights were over, the carollers were tired. They had fulfilled their mission; to get the parishioners of Kristus Aman ready to receive Jesus Christ into their hearts during Christmas. Although they were exhausted, they were satisfied with their job well done. Through their ups and downs, they had got through it all together. They hope to continue again next year, and they would want it all to happen again in a heartbeat.

The youth carollers were also featured in Star 2 on Christmas Day. Click the link to read more about their experience: http://www.star2.com/people/2015/12/25/they-bring-christmas-spirit-to-families-through-carolling/

Article written by: Jynn Kok E-Lynn. Photographs by: Melissa Neoh

The Kristus Aman Youth Ministry would like to express our heartfelt thanks to our parish administrator - Rev. Fr. Michael Chua, council members, parishioners, parents, carollers and other more who have offered their service, time and effort behind the scenes to make this carolling outreach of ours a successful one. Have a blessed 2016!