Kristus Aman Family Day 2019 | 26 Oct | 9am - 2:30pm

Food, Fun and Fajitas Fellowship for the entire Family (and Friends)!

Activities for all age groups!

Here's what you can look forward to:

  1. Eating! As per our KA tradition, there will be various stalls with a wide variety of food available. There's been rumours of ice cream making the rounds.
  2. Spirits! Competitive spirits, that is. Come represent your BECs at the telematches and battle it out for bragging rights and medals! If you have not been selected* to represent your BEC, you may also come and cheer on your respective teams.
    *no selection actually...just volunteer...gooooo volunteeeeerrrrrr
  3. Ice Cream! There had better be ice cream...
  4. Music! Request your favourite hits for your favourite people
  5. Lucky Draw! And various games of chance (guess the weight, lucky dip...) with gratitude to our generous sponsors
  6. Bubbles! Giant bubbles to keep the kids (and giant kids adults) entertained
  7. Arts and Crafts! Origami...caricatures...homemade cards...
  8. And more! Come see for yourself!


KA Family Day 2019