Children's Ministry

This ministry has 4 core objectives to impart onto the children – Faith, Fun, Freedom and friendship.

There is fun in this ministry. The activities are enjoyable and stimulate the child’s creativity, perception and sensitivity. The activities are geared towards their relationship with God and explanations of the faith elements are in kid’s language. The activities are also to encourage the children to build strong friendships with one another. This bonding is important as we need to build up this sense of belonging as being a member of Kristus Aman. This continues into the Sunday School and youth activities. Free but responsible expression is encouraged as this helps to build up their confidence.

Young parents bring their child or children and they to inevitably participate in the activities. This too builds up friendships amongst parents and exposes them to church activities and grow in tandem. Parents have gone from the children ministry and gone into the other ministries.

Chief Coordinator
Christine Nandy 
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