Theme: The Church’s Mission to Evangelise
4:30pm - Novena & Rosary
5:30pm - Triduum Day 1 Mass
Theme: The Family and Community as the seedbed for Evangelisation
5:00pm - Rosary
5:30pm - Triduum Day 2 Mass
Theme: The Ways of Evangelisation
6:00pm - Rosary
6:30pm - Triduum Day 3 Mass
Theme: Mary, Star of Evangelisation
5:30pm - Feast Day Mass
6:30pm - Procession
7:30pm - Fellowship
Feast Day Flyer A5 2019



1 Order of Procession (click "+" to view)


Order of Procession

1 Altar Servers 2 Flower Girls 3 Priests 4 Mother Mary 5 Statue Bearers 6 Ministers of Holy Communion 7 Feast Day Banner 8 BEC Banners 9 Youth Banner 10 Parishioners & Pilgrims 11 Kristus Aman Parish Banner

2 Procession Route (click "+" to view)


Procession Route

Procession Route

3 Laudato si' note: If possible, bring your own water bottle/mug

4 The KA Youth will be selling candles (with holders) for procession in front of the chapel



1 After mass on the Feast Day, all parishioners shall vacate the chapel in an orderly fashion to join in the procession

2 Keep an ear open for announcements and instructions from the Emcee

3 Kindly listen to the instructions of hospitality ministers

4 There will be a Rosary recital throughout the procession. Do remain prayerful and solemn

5 After each decade of the Rosary, a short Ave Maria will be sung during which, parishioners may raise their candles

6 The procession will end with everyone going back up to the chapel floor where we will finish reciting the decade of the Rosary

7 Dinner will only be served after the conclusion of the whole procession and final decade of the Rosary



1 There shall be stations set up for collection of food and refill of water

2 After your meal during the fellowship, be sure to dispose of your waste according to the labelled bins provided




KAYM 1st Performance of 2019
KAYM Carollers

WHAT: Youth Carolling
WHEN: 7:00pm Monday, 1 January 2019
WHERE: Chapel of Kristus Aman, TTDI


KA Feast Day Preacher
Fr Alexuchelvam

PREACHER: Fr. Alexuchelvam Mariasoosai
WHEN: 29 - 31 December 2018
WHERE: Chapel of Kristus Aman, TTDI


We would like to express our deepest gratitude to all parishioners who have been so supportive towards our Feast Day Fundraising campaign. The spirit of Christmas is the spirit of Love, Generosity and Goodness - virtues which you’ve all shown in helping us achieve our target.
A big THANK YOU to all!
Total Raised (RM)
Zebra Tiffin Sales: RM 4,394
Special 2nd Collection: RM 4,829.10
Flower Pledge: RM 4,150
Tiffins Sold
Flowers Pledged


for individual or personal prayer

  1. Reverence

    We are invited by desire of God's presence to sit in His shadow and listen to His words. So we create in our minds a sacred space and time - that is, we offer our time to God. We withdraw from our preoccupations and welcome God into our conscious selves. For this we need a quiet place, be it in our office, home, school or factory.

  2. Invitation

    Then in our openness to God, we call on the Holy Spirit to stay with us as we sit before the Lord. According to the availability of our time:-

    1. in the morning, we pray as Jesus did (Mk. 1:35) using Ps. 92:2
      It is good to give thanks to the Lord
      pray to Your name, O most High
      To declare Your steadfast love in the morning.

    2. or in the evening:
      O, Spirit of our Lord Jesus
      "Stay with us, for it is towards
      evening and the day is now far spent." (Lk. 24:29)

  3. Open Your Bible

    Look for the day's readings as indicated for each day in SHALOM.

  4. Read

    Read the passages slowly, as God reveals Himself in the Scripture.

  5. In Silence

    Pray: Lord move my heart and help me to become a receptacle of Your Word!

  6. Read SHALOM and Reflect

    Read the reflection for the day, and ask:
    - is there a special invitation or challenge offered to me?
    - how can I respond?

  7. Pray

    Remain in the presence of the Lord who challenges or inspires you to yield to Him in prayer.
    - with the insight you have gained, thank God for the gift of life.
    - then ask for God's merciful love to cover you with newness and confess your shortcomings as you reflected today.
    - pray for your needs.
    - pray for your neighbour's or BEC/BCC's needs.
    - conclude with the monthly Daily Offering and an Our Father.